You Lost Your Phone!!!

Your Phone Is Broken!!!

How Many Phone Numbers
Do You Know by Heart? 


Your family’s free phone book on the web.

Why MyPhone911?

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Read About MyPhone911 in the news:

Until you get your phone back and working,
MyPhone911 is your personal Emergency Contacts in the cloud.
Cell Phones
120 Million Broken or Stolen Per Year
359,000 House Fires Per Year
Natural Disasters
~14 Major US Disasters Per Year Costing $91 Billion
2.5 Million Per Year In The US

Getting Kids Safely Home

MyPhone911 Child Safety

Worst nightmare. Your child is lost or taken away, without a phone. How many numbers do your kids know by heart?

If he/she can remember a simple username and password (for the whole family), MyPhone911 provides phone numbers, email addresses, the ability to send a message, and a real chance.

That is why MyPhone911 is free, to help get kids and adults safely home.

To Report Suspected Human Trafficking
to Federal Law Enforcement


To Get Help From the
National Human Trafficking Hotline

or text HELP or INFO to
BeFree (233733)

With MyPhone911, You Can

How It Works

Create MyPhone911 Account

Create a MyPhone911 Account

Creating an account on MyPhone911 is quick and easy. Simply enter your critical contact information, go on with your life and hope you never need it.

MyPhone911 Internet Connectivity

You’re Having a Phone Emergency

Access the internet (borrow someone’s device, hotel lobby, library, Internet cafe) and log on to MyPhone911.

MyPhone911 Emergency Data

Alert Contacts, Get Info

Notify important contacts of your situation, and get a list of others you can contact when time allows.

“My teenage son went to the KC Chiefs super bowl parade, but couldn’t get cell service. He walked to the Marriott,  logged in and used our family’s account to message me his phone wasn’t working but he was OK.”

-One Happy Mama

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